During the current period of change due to Coronavirus this temporary page will contain as much information as possible about alternate ways of worship.


It is likely to change very often with updates as and when they are available so keep checking in on it.


Please share the information with those who cannot access the website and also please share the website info with those who may not know about it.


If you have anything to add then please contact me direct, or via the contact page on this website.


Stay safe and may God bless you.


Robert Hardy                               

Page updated 4th April



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For Sunday 5th April online service at 10.30am



Click here to link to Palm Sundays Circuit Online Service 


This link will take you to the service sheet for Palm Sunday -

Sunday 5th April: 


The links to the hymns this week 

 youtu.be/h3a8fTTrAdE    and    youtu.be/oVLsRopJZgk





There will be online services on Good Friday and also on Easter Day - more details here when known.




This link will take you to the service sheet for Palm Sunday -

Sunday 5th April: 


The service will be at 10.30am and will be led by Rev Velma Campbell.


The link to the service will be shown on both our church website 

 gravesendmethodistchurch.org.uk and the circuit


website: https://www.nkmethodists.org.uk/ on Sunday morning.

The links to the hymns this week 

 youtu.be/h3a8fTTrAdE and youtu.be/oVLsRopJZgk





Click here to listen again to the service broadcast on 29th March


This link will take you to the service sheet for Sunday 29th March: 


Click the link below to be part of the online Circuit Live Service on Sunday.




BBC Local Radio

At 8.00 am this Sunday, all 39 BBC local radio stations will be joining together for a service from Methodist Central Hall, Westminster. The act of worship was recorded ‘as live’ in Methodist Central Hall Westminster Chapel last Sunday, before stronger social distancing instructions were issued.





Watch a live streamed service on Sunday morning at 10.30am
Details of how to link in will follow soon.

Those of us who watched the circuit service on the internet on Sunday might, like me, have missed an important part of our worship - the offertory !
A bit difficult to do as part of that service ? Maybe, but as with all aspects of life, we are having to do things in a different way at the moment.
Sadly, we still have bills to meet at church, whilst our heating and lighting bills will be reduced at present, other costs still need to be met – Our circuit assessment (to cover salaries etc) and insurance for our buildings to name but two.

How can you help ?
Many of you give by standing order/direct debit already and for that we are very grateful, and hopefully you will continue to give that way.
Some of you put cash or cheques in to the collection bag each week but that, currently, cannot happen. The hope is that you can look at a different way of giving.

So can I ask you all please to look at other ways of giving to support our church, ready for when we are allowed to return.
Maybe you could set up a regular standing order payment, or make regular payments via your online banking or perhaps put your offertory cash aside each week and send a cheque to us (this is not the favoured option as somebody will need to take cheques to the bank (assuming they stay open !))
Whatever way you choose it is all very confidential.

You can set up a standing order, via online banking, or at your bank.
If neither of these is an option for you then please use the attached form and send it off to your bank.

To set up a standing order, or to make a payment online you will need the following details:
HSBC Bank. Sort Code 40-05-30 A/C No 84594010.
Please reference with number 00968010 - followed by your envelope number.
(If you are not part of the envelope giving scheme and would like to join then please contact Mike.)
Please advise Mike Butler when you make a payment online and also if you set up a standing order with your bank.
Our church treasurer, Mike Butler, is more that happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.
Contact him by by using the contact page on this website
Whilst your continued financial help is much appreciated, it is also realised that some may be suffering hardship through being laid off of work etc.
If that is the case and you would appreciate our prayers, then please let us kn*ow.

To watch an archive of Sundays web service click this link


Don't forget to join our worship online on Sunday 21st March - to do it simply 
click this link which will take you to the circuit website which is webcasting the service starting at 10.30 am (so hook up shortly before that time):
On that page click this LIVE WORSHIP link to access the feed.

Please note the link will only be live from 10.00am to 12.00 noon on Sunday morning. At other times it will link to Methodist Central Hall, Westminster which has a library of services and sermons on video.



This link will take you to the service sheet:




Click here for some Prayers




North Kent Methodist Circuit - Invitation to worship from home.

Sunday 22 March 10.30am


In light of COVID-19, and the recommendation that all physical gatherings in Methodist churches be suspended, we are finding new and creative ways to share in worship.


You are warmly invited to join others in the North Kent Methodist Circuit in worshipping from home on Sunday 22 March at 10.30am.


We will be using the service sheet for 22 March prepared by the Methodist Church and available here: www.methodist.org.uk/our-faith/worship/singing-the-faith-plus/seasons-and-themes/worship-during-the-coronavirus-pandemic


or here worship-if-you-are-unable-to-attend-church.pdf


If you have access to the Internet, the service will be ‘live streamed’ at 10.30am. Before 10.30am, go to the North Kent Methodist Circuit website (www.nkmethodists.org.uk) or Facebook page (www.facebook.com/groups/northkentmethodistworship/) to find the live stream.


If you don’t have access to the Internet, simply use the service sheet at home, knowing you are sharing with friends across the circuit.


If you are a Pastoral Visitor, please ensure that those in your care have access to the information in this note and the service sheet (either by sending them an email or posting a copy through their door).


If this is successful, we hope to do something similar on other Sundays when we are unable to gather in person.


In addition, at 7pm on Sunday 22 March, you are invited by Churches Together in England to light a candle in your home “as a visible symbol of the light of life, Jesus Christ, our source and hope in prayer.”






The following link will take you to a page on the Methodist Church website on which you will find a worship sheet for a service next Sunday which we can all use in our own home at 10.30am on Sunday - it won't, sadly, be our Explorers Anniversary Service (that will happen at a later date) but it will give everybody a chance to be worshipping together but apart !


You will also find how to listen in to live streamed services from Wesley's Chapel (adapted for no physical congregation) on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays - or you can catch up with ones you missed.





You can also click this link to see a list of Radio and TV programmes that will enable you to enjoy a time of worship.