Please use this daily prayer sheet, and include them in your daily prayertime.


Daily Prayers


MONDAY……..Please pray for:-


Reconciliation in areas of war and conflict.
God’s guidance for all leaders of nations.
All local schools and the School Pastors & Prayer warriors.
Our Church Pastoral team, caring for members and friends.
Those we know who are sick, sad or troubled.
Adequate resources for Church development and mission.
Sisterhood, Tai Chi, Youth N’gage, & the badminton club.
The desire to help all in need, individually and as a Church.


TUESDAY……..Please pray for:-


All who suffer poverty and injustice.

International agencies striving for world justice.

Protection & blessing for all who live alone.

A growing & deepening prayer life for ourselves and our Church.


WEDNESDAY……..Please pray for:-


Our congregation in their daily & working lives.

The Church stewards and all who hold office in our Church.

All who help with DIY, and the upkeep of our Church buildings.

.The Community centre,  clothes bank, shower & laundry facilities.

A growing sense of gratitude for the Good News of salvation in Christ.



THURSDAY……..Please pray for:-


Our Prime Minister & government.

All in authority locally and nationally.

Outreach activities with Churches Together.

Fellowship and Bible study groups around the Circuit.

Local preachers & Worship leaders in training.

A growing desire and opportunities to share our faith.


FRIDAY……..Please pray for:-


The youth of our town as they grow into adulthood.

Guidance in Church planning for the 21st Century.

Our Minister and all Ministers in the Circuit.

Street and Prayer Pastors serving our town.

Protection & blessings for all our Church families.


SATURDAY……..Please pray for:-


The NHS, local doctors, hospitals and clinics.

All counselling services

Our Church Social and Spiritual life.

Our commitment to Stewardship in our Church.

Saturday coffee and food bank.


SUNDAY……..Please pray for:-


All Churches world wide, and all worship services.

Worship leaders, organists, pianists, singers, AV & sound technicians.

“Explorers” and all children’s Bible teaching.

Sanctuary & care for the underprivileged.

A deeper commitment to live for Christ’s Kingdom.



“Day by day dear Lord we Pray”


If you would like to print a copy of these daily prayers please click here to open a pdf version which can then be printed.